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Finding wood for the Neckblock

A couple of weeks ago I went to a lumberyard nearby my house here in Virginia. I had never been to a lumber yard before, so I was very curious to see what I would have found there. As a wannabe luthier, I was mostly interested in finding some nice quarter-sawn wood, but I must […]

My tonewood is cracking!

A couple of weeks ago I bought some really nice tonewood from Aron Hix on eBay. This wood will be the soul of my first guitar build! I got a nice Adirondack Spruce top, very nicely quartered, and a Pau Ferro back and side set. I left the wood flat on a surface and kind […]

My first woodworking tools

I have been spending some time researching and buying some of the tools I need. Here is what I got so far: Japanese King water stone for sharpening (+ a Nagura stone to create the slur); Veritas green honing compound to be used with a leather strop (which I am going to build soon); Japanese […]

My First Lute

Here we are with the fist instrument that I will (try) to build! 🙂 As I mentioned in the previous post, I will follow the “Build your own Renaissance Lute” course by the famous British luthier David Van Edwards. David really made a fantastic job in guiding the student with step-by-step procedures, explaining in a […]