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My first woodworking tools

I have been spending some time researching and buying some of the tools I need. Here is what I got so far: Japanese King water stone for sharpening (+ a Nagura stone to create the slur); Veritas green honing compound to be used with a leather strop (which I am going to build soon); Japanese […]

Buying the (right) tools

Buying tools (the right ones!) is probably one of the most difficult things that a lutherie novice has to deal with in the beginning, or at least it is for me! Let’s be honest: there are so many tools available, at so many different price levels, that it is very easy to start buying everything […]

Notebook and some tools

I started buying some of the tools needed for the construction during the fall time, after reading most of David Van Edward’s instructions. It was not an easy task – being a complete noob in woodworking I had to learn at the same time the function of each specific tool, what would be best to […]


Although I am not new to classical guitar (been playing it since I was a kid for about 28 years now!) I am very new to lutherie! I have been thinking about building instruments for the past 15 years, I have read tons of guitar making books and, finally, I can start for real! I […]