Notebook and some tools

I started buying some of the tools needed for the construction during the fall time, after reading most of David Van Edward’s instructions. It was not an easy task – being a complete noob in woodworking I had to learn at the same time the function of each specific tool, what would be best to buy for my scope, and how to use it. I am still learning and discovering how to use them, and I am still perfecting sharpening by hand (luckily now I am getting sharper edges on my plane and chisels with respect to the first times I tried to sharpen them)!

I also bought a notebook and, initially, I was taking notes on the steps to be done, but after a while I realized it was really time-consuming to write down every step! Now I am using the notebook just to take notes about very important things that I have to remember, ideas, or what went wrong after I performed one of the tasks.