My tonewood is cracking!

A couple of weeks ago I bought some really nice tonewood from Aron Hix on eBay. This wood will be the soul of my first guitar build!

I got a nice Adirondack Spruce top, very nicely quartered, and a Pau Ferro back and side set.

I left the wood flat on a surface and kind of forgot about it for two weeks. Yesterday I went to check it and, to my horror and dismay, I saw that the Pau Ferro back has developed a crack!

Pau Ferro Guitar Back
Pau Ferro back and sides set

It is hard to see from the pictures above, but the crack starts from the top edge and goes down for about 5 cm.

Detail of crack on the right board – Front view
Detail of crack on the right board – Top view
Detail of crack on the right board – Back view

The two matched boards were completely flat when the wood arrived, but now I can see a slight warp upward for the right board.

The left board had nothing yesterday, but today while I was shooting the photos I noticed that a crack seems to be developing on this as well, and it seems to be exactly in the same spot as the other board!

Probable crack developing on the left board

It seems also that one of the matched guitar sides is starting to develop cracks.

Pau Ferro – Guitar side with crack

The spruce soundboard does not seem to have any crack so far, but as you can see from the picture this has also slightly warped up on the right board!

Now I have to understand how to stop these crack from propagating before it is too late. 🙁

I guess that all these rookie mistakes are all part of the learning process, but now I hope that I do not have to throw away an expensive back and sides set because of this!