My first woodworking tools

I have been spending some time researching and buying some of the tools I need.

Here is what I got so far:

  • Japanese King water stone for sharpening (+ a Nagura stone to create the slur);
  • Veritas green honing compound to be used with a leather strop (which I am going to build soon);
  • Japanese Plywood saw from Lee Valley. I do not know if this was a smart buy, I bought this because I thought I would be cutting a lot of MDF/plywood for the mould, but now I am kinda regretting it since I am not using it a lot. Anyway, it is an excellent saw, it has specially hardened teeth to deal with plywood/MDF’s glue inclusions. It is twice as thick as dozuki and the kerf is 0.040″ (about 1mm) wide. I feel I could have bought a normal dozuki, the risk of damaging the teeth with the 5 or 6 MDF cuts that I have made so far would have probably been minimal;
  • 9″ Shinto Saw Rasp – I will be using it to shape the neck, people say amazing things about it;
  • Veritas Low-angle block plane with a PM-V11 steel blade. I still used it only on MDF, I cannot wait to have the pleasure to use it on real wood;
  • C-clamps of various size;
  • An eclipse-style honing guide. I still have to use this, so far I have sharpened freehand but I am curious to see if my tools come out sharper with this;
  • 24″ PEC Flex Rule (32nd/64ths & .5MM/MM);
  • PEC 6″ Double Square (4R) 8ths,16ths, 32nds, 64ths;
  • PEC 12″ 2 pc Combination Square (16R);
  • German-made copying saw from Lee Valley;
  • P├ęgas Coping Saw Blades (15 and 18 tpi);
  • Narex Classic Bevel-Edge Chisels from Lee Valley. I bought a set of 4 (1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″), but I do not know how much I will be using all the sizes. They are made to Lee valley’s specs and people swear that they are better than the Narex chisels that you find elsewhere.

I still need a bunch of other essential tools, but for now these will at least allow me to make the mould for my lute!