My First Lute

Here we are with the fist instrument that I will (try) to build! 🙂

As I mentioned in the previous post, I will follow the “Build your own Renaissance Lute” course by the famous British luthier David Van Edwards. David really made a fantastic job in guiding the student with step-by-step procedures, explaining in a clear way the techniques he uses to build the lute!

These are the characteristics of the lute that I will build:

  • Seven Course Renaissance lute based on the ivory lute by George Gerle, Vienna, ~1150
  • String spacing taken from Hieber lute, Brussels
  • Decorative layout taken from seven-course lute by Vvendelio Venere, Bologna
  • Rose size: TBD (I will decide later!)
  • Peg design: TBD (I will decide later!)

I have absolutely no idea how much time it will take to build it, also because I have to learn from scratch everything about woodworking, buying tools, learn how to use them, etc. I hope to have a finished lute in a year or so! 🙂