Finding wood for the Neckblock

A couple of weeks ago I went to a lumberyard nearby my house here in Virginia. I had never been to a lumber yard before, so I was very curious to see what I would have found there.

As a wannabe luthier, I was mostly interested in finding some nice quarter-sawn wood, but I must say that they had basically nothing quarter-sawn, and they had a lot of very long boards that would have never fitted in my car. 😅

I found, though, a piece of Liriodendron Tulipifera, also called “poplar” in the USA, which was in the list of woods suggested by David Van Edwards to make the neckblock. It is not quarter-sawn, though, so I am not entirely sure I can use it. Van Edwards only states that the wood for the neckblock should have the “grain running along the longest side” and the would should be “reasonably easy to carve, reasonably light, and reasonably resonant”.

The dimensions are perfect, I will research more and see if this piece of wood is suitable to become the neck block of my lute!